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Throughout our many years of assisting those in the Athens area, we have come across many homeowners dealing with damages to their roofs and property as a result of storm damage, structural weakening of the roofing foundation and more. The response to these situations is often to turn to your insurance company for the financial assistance needed and our experts provide you with the help you need in doing so. Whether you need roof repair or full replacement, we have the knowledge you need to move forward.

Dealing with Damages
Finding that your roof has been damaged in the wake of an event, even slightly, having the right professionals react to the situation and provide you with the information you need to progress is important. When calling in the experts at Roofing of Athena for response, you can count on having the right services brought to you quickly. Finding that your roof has suffered from the ill effects of storm damages and otherwise is a situation we’d all rather avoid, but having the right, experienced roofing contractors in your corner can make all the difference.

The Inspection
The first step in any insurance claim is the roof inspection. This allows our professionals to get an accurate summary of the state of your roof and to provide you with the information you need in order to move forward. By being able to better understand the condition of your property and providing you with those details, we can formulate a figure that will better allow you to decide on whether or not pursuing an insurance claim is the right move. Being prepared heading into your dealings with the insurance company is one of the most important aspect of the process and we provide you with accuracy.


Roof Leak Repair

Summary Quote
How much is a new roof? This is one of the most common questions we receive from our clients and when it comes to damages sustained and knowing how to approach your insurance company, it’s one of the most important questions to ask. When bringing in the expertise of Roofing of Athens for your insurance claim needs, you can count on being providing with the price details needed that match the ascertaining methods used by your insurance company. When looking for the right information, bringing in the expertise of the right professionals is the first step.

Obtaining Repairs
Of course, all of this leads to getting the proper roof repair for your needs. Whether you’ve lost materials from your roof, need replacement structuring or damaged reverse from falling trees, getting the right experienced professionals at your side is important. When choosing to call in the expertise of Roofing of Athens for your repair requirements, you can count on a skilled service that knows how to provide results for metal roofing, roof shingles and much more. When you need results that matter and help in making your insurance claim as painless as possible, you can depend on our professionals to deliver. 



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